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  A Weak Force That Binds performance for Creative Tech Week  

Blake Marques Carrington (a.k.a. Russian Ark Sakura)
A Weak Force That Binds
audiovisual performance, 20:00, 2017
single-channel projection + stereo sound

FiveMyles Gallery, 588 St, Johns Place, Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, May 20th, 7-9pm
Event page

Also featuring audiovisual performances by Yuliya Lanina and Alon Ilsar!

A Weak Force That Binds is the third full-length album from multidisciplinary artist Blake Marques Carrington a.k.a. Russian Ark Sakura. Like previous releases, the album and performance use the artist’s "CScan" sound engine, created in the Max/MSP/Jitter software environment. Architectural plans of a variety of structures, both religious and secular, are scanned in real-time to generate rhythmic sound. By controlling multiple scanning groups at once, a myriad of polyrhythmic, fugue-like effects can be achieved. Visually the plan is revealed with each pass of the virtual scan, and interacts graphically with appropriated clips from Antonioni’s 1964 film “Red Desert” and Teshigahara’s 1966 film “The Face of Another”.

Video for track titled "Scan Santo Stefano (A 27-Sided Argument)"

Russian Ark Sakura Bandcamp page

  The End of Information in Creative Tech Week exhibition  

The End of Information in Creative Tech Week exhibition Stronger Together
Digital pigment print on white cotton, gaffers tape, 20ft x 40in
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave in Queens
Fri May 12 & Sat May 13
CTW Stronger Together website

Based on the Strata Systems series of work, The End of Information is an inkjet painting exploring the exponential spectrum from information bit to the subjective image space that emerges when those bits are multiplied. Like other works in the Strata Systems series, the images are generated by sound – a recording of a psychoanalysis session between the artist and a therapist. Using the audio waveform as a material for drawing, the pixels are drawn digitally then subjected to forces in a meta-gravitational system that distort and explode the original waveform. There is a sense of alienation through the arbitrary and abstract visualization even though there is a sense of order in each pixelated image pertaining to a specific sound byte. This version of The End of Information was made specifically for the Knockdown Center site.

  The Year We Make Contact (4-channel version) at E4C  

The Year We Make Contact (4-channel version)
Gallery E4C
101 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle, WA
Launches on May 4th, 2017
E4C website

This new version of The Year We Make Contact was made specifically for the outdoor four-screen setup at E4C. Using the same system that generates imagery from audio recordings of psychoanalysis sessions, in this version the four screens are scaled at exponentially small resolutions — from 1920x1080, to 480x270, to 120x67, and finally to 16x9 pixels. The scaling is meant to emphasize the spectrum between subjective image space and individual bits of information.

  Cathedral Scan album now available on Bandcamp  

  Cathedral Scan (Drums Version) performance with Leo Lazar  

  The Year We Make Contact two-channel video installation  

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